Covina, CA

ImageWest  Photography, Inc. is based  in  Covina, CA.   Formed eleven                           years ago by co-owners, Richard Kee and Dayna Olton, ImageWest Photography, Inc.                      has gained a reputation for exceeding client expectations while delivering at or below budget. Through a collaborative process, we generate visual solutions that successfully communicate client's ideas to their target audience, thereby helping the visual design of communication become one of the client's core business assets. In 2002, SuiteCaptures, a subsidiary of ImageWest Photography,  was formed to offer luxury suite owners an exclusive professional photo service for  what has now grown into an impressive number of sports venues nationwide.

Whether we photograph people, product, interiors or lifestyle, there are a few common denominators - composition, style sensibilities and technique. These vital tools combined with a passion for excellence on each and every assignment is what we bring to your table.

ImageWest Photography, Inc. specializes in location shooting, thereby affording the client the most efficient and cost-effective solution to their photographic needs.

We thank you for visiting and welcome an opportunity to bid on your next assignment, whether it be large or small.
            Richard Kee and Dayna Olton